Based in St. Paul MN with roots in Portland OR and Chicago IL.

megan susann @ gmail

northwestern univ., MFA, art theory and practice
wheaton college, BA, studio art, photo concentration

recent screenings, exhibitions and happenings:
Body Screen Meme, Des Lee Gallery, St. Louis MO
Screen Share, Logan Art Center, Chicgo IL
Perverse Furniture, ArtSpace, New Haven CT
Language and Liveness, UIC, Chicago IL
Spaceness, Sou'wester, Seaview WA
Thinging Bodies, Gallery 400, Chicago IL
Mother Naturalist (three-person), South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro CA
Beeflix Ver. 3.0, Beefhaus, Dallas TX
Below the Belt, McIntosh Gallery, London ON
Painting in Time: Part 2, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago IL
Roots Anniversary Screening, Roots & Culture, Chicago IL
Document V, the Luminary, St.Louis MO
Spaceness, Sou'wester, Seaview WA
Painting in Time, The Tetley Gallery, Leeds UK
Once More For the Very First Time, Acre TV at Comfort Station, Chicago IL
Spaceness, Sou'wester, Seaview WA
PLAY (commission), Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus OH
Rough and Ready, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL
ACRE TV Launch: PLEASE STAND BY, Mana Contemporary, Chicago IL
SPECTRA: Sculpties, H&R Block Artspace, Kansas City MO
Of This Place or Thereabouts (two-person), Roots & Culture, Chicago IL
pleasure/necessity (solo), Benedictine University, Lisle IL
those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto ON
Megan Schvaneveldt and Robert Chase Heishman (two-person), Document, MDW Fair, Chicago IL