The second iteration of a project that explores the voluminous aspect of our senses. A selection of artists were asked to contribute a scent that they consider vast or spacious. These scents were presented during Spaceness 2019.


Julia Barbee
s p a c e n e s s

Diana Harper
The maker of this scent was inspired by the conqueress Semiramis. It's all topnote spice, completely ungrounded, a dry desert wind filled with faded saffron and the shimmer of sunlight bouncing off gold passing from one hand to another. Is it a mirage? Is all of this a mirage? Wealth, like the solidity of our flesh, is imaginary anyway.

Crystal Heiden
tidal flats: scent of the estuaries and sea at low tide
Infused from various species of seaweed, salt water, shells from crustaceans and tidal dwelling mollusks

Robert Chase Heishman
Self-Portrait 2007-2019
Blend of Creed's Original Santal + El Patrón's Black Seed Beard Oil
The scent I created is a blend of two scents that have defined my sense of self over the past 12 years. 2007 is the year that I truly began taking scents to heart. I would frequent the local scent counter of Hall's in Kansas City, trying out various scents until finding my scent: Creed's Original Santal. The scent encapsulated that time of my life, who I was/am, and who I loved and surrounded myself with. The same is true for El Patron's Black Seed Beard Oil, and also marks the transition of growing and keeping a beard. As I considered scents to create I could only think of a blend of these two, and how blending them together is like creating a self-portrait of my younger and current self.

Matt Morris
A Big Groundless Moment, 2019
Hand-blended parfum
Fragrance notes: aldehydes, orris, carrot, Bulgarian rose, vetiver, castoreum, dartanol, violet, nutmeg, bergamot, musk

OLO Fragrance
Our idea for this scent is a representation of the vastness and expansiveness of new growth and the plant world. Leaves, buds, flowers, stems. The green, vine tentacles of plant life expanding continuously. The smell of a garden in spring or fighting your way through dense sappy undergrowth in the tropics. The places where that green expands and fills a space and your senses.